Photos from the Tri-Star collectibes show, June 2006

Yes, I got to put my arm around Craig Hansen. ^_^
Of course, I'm not actually breathing, which is probably why it
looks like I'm presenting the high school science club
winner for the yearbook!

It did crack me up to see what different players chose
to wear, knowing these photo ops were part of the day.
Jonathan took some really lovely pictures with kids, I must say...

Mark Loretta was the warmest and friendliest player there.
Just seems like a great guy. I told him I wore my Madres necklace in
his honor, and he had very kind things to say about them (of course!).
(I opted not to try to explain the Yo-Lo-Go-Lo-Va shirt, just in case!).

I knew I'd get the same photo over and over, so I had a plan
in mind for Coco. He was amenable. Everyone cracked up. ^_^

And finally...

Mike Lowell is Mom's favorite current player, so I had to get her a ticket.
(Mom's real favorite player is Ellis Burks--I got her an Ellis Burks signed
World Series baseball for Mother's Day!) Mom looks very tiny. ^_^